Mionetto has renovated its winery, expanding the historic site from 1887. Here's why and how to visit it, spending a relaxing day among the Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene

Among the ideas for a out-of-town trip this autumn 2023, it deserves a special mention Mionetto, which a few months ago expanded its headquarters by renovating the cellar and integrating a new portion of the structure dedicated to hospitality.

Positioned since 1887 in the heart of the greenery of Treviso, in Valdobbiadene, the winery in its new conformation has inaugurated a multifunctional space which is proposed both as a receptive for slow tourism, and a productive place as traditionally interpreted.

A system called Borgo Mionetto

The new Mionetto world therefore takes the form of a community that takes the name of 'Borgo Mionetto', that is, a place steeped in history where you can spend some convivial time, visiting the company with its architectural peculiarities and appreciating its wines.

With an important panorama as a backdrop, Borgo Mionetto welcomes national and international visitors in a system of structures (some of which date back to 1400) that tell the story of the company : spending an afternoon here is equivalent to absorbing an interesting and productive part of the Bel Paese's tradition in all its beauty.

Organized into different areas by function, Borgo Mionetto revolves around some key spaces that allow the visitor to enjoy the experience to the fullest: the Visitors Center, the Italian garden, the production site, the cellar and - naturally - the wine bar with its tasting room.

“Borgo Mionetto and the renovated cellar are a source of great satisfaction and pride for all of us. The desire is to provide a unique experience, dotted with moments of sharing and conviviality within environments that tell the story of the birth and evolution of Mionetto, its winemaking tradition, the strong bond with the territory and its profound roots in the world of Prosecco.

We wanted to combine history with contemporary elements as is the DNA of Mionetto but also that of Prosecco, whose origins are ancient and deeply linked to this land but whose spirit is absolutely contemporary and international" declares Paolo Bogoni, chief marketing officer and executive management board.

Borgo Mionetto: how to visit it

To orient yourself among the numerous areas of the Borgo, it is possible to start visiting the new Borgo Mionetto starting from the Visitors Center, a space in which to savor at the same time the architectural tradition of the territory and the propensity for the contemporary style of the brand that represents it.

The construction project was in fact based on the request for a fusion between the two faces - current and historical - that distinguish the company.

The garden in fact reflects the traditional canons, although reinterpreted in a modern key, of the typical Renaissance parks of the Italian Villas whose well-defined areas are delimited by regular hedges, pergolas and elegant paths to describe a geometric subdivision that pays homage to the history of the winery.

Then there is Piazzetta Mionetto, the central heart of the outdoor space: a place where you can relax your senses and be able to take a few minutes of break before accessing the remaining spaces of the company , which present themselves with a fascinating mix of contrasts between glass and steel of the external structures and local references such as the artisanal workmanship of wood and the use of stones from territory.

Here, the large windows allow natural light to illuminate the spaces and act as a support for reducing electricity consumption. The nucleus around the Visitors Center concludes with the wine shop, the wine bar, a meeting room, a tasting room and a splendid terrace with a view of the hills of Valdobbiadene.

From the Visitors Center, you can also access the production site, now expanded and modernised.

Mionetto: the production site

With a total surface area of over 15,000 m2, developed on different levels that reach a depth of 15 meters underground, the new Mionetto production site has been designed to best integrate with the surrounding nature, thanks to the construction logic of sustainable and bioclimatic architecture.

Thus a 'landscape within a landscape' was born, which in addition to reducing energy consumption guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation, also thanks to the choice of covering roofs and walls with green plants.

In addition to the structural architecture, the bottling line was also renewed, now technologically advanced and equipped with cutting-edge controls that allow us to guarantee the quality and excellence of the Mionetto and sparkling wines. >increase production capacity to 220,000 bottles/day equal to 48 million bottles/year at the Valdobbiadene site.

Added to the capacity of the second production site in Crocetta, Mionetto Spa is thus able to reach 60 million bottles/year.

“We invite our visitors, lovers of bubbles and professionals on a journey to discover our world, accompanied by the joy of living that has always distinguished our brand in Italy and on world markets” urges Bogoni.