A center that fits into the historical roots of a modern district illuminated by a play of colors and lights created by Linea Light Group

It is the gateway to the east of the Chinese capital: Tongzhou (means "place of passage") is one of the historic districts of Beijing and is located about 20 kilometers in the south-east, overlooking the Grand Canal, the longest and largest of canals in the world, as well as being one of the oldest: together with the Great Wall and the well of Karez, it is considered one of the three major projects of ancient China.

Today Tongzhou is experiencing a time of great growth and development, as evidenced by the important real estate development. Among the many projects, the Beijing Tongzhou Hejing Center, built near the main communication and transport routes, is enjoying growing interest also from foreign investors who recognize its considerable potential in terms of business.

Developed over an area of ​​over 330,000 square meters, with seven buildings (three reserved for offices and four dedicated to residential), Beijing Tongzhou Hejing Center is reflected in the waters of the Grand Canal, enjoying its spectacular view. To enhance the site, the lighting design studio Brandston Partneship wanted discreet luminaires capable of guaranteeing high lighting performance and chose to install the Thin66 linear element from Linea Light Group, made in a custom version: the RGBW model was used with DMX control that allowed to create spectacular façade lighting effects.

10 thousand pieces with a length of 1 meter each, for a total of about 10 kilometers of light: Thin66 was installed along the vertical lines of the seven buildings. Thanks to the small size, the discreet and minimalist design and the diffused, uniform and shadow-free light emission, it elegantly emphasizes the facades of buildings, enhancing forms and architectural details.