The first home design innovation centre dedicated to the real estate of tomorrow

From the founders of Milano Contract District comes Livinwow, a response to the demand for interior concepts for new metropolitan dwellers. Thanks to the integration of a package of interior design services and products into the housing offer, Livinwow gives the property an immediate and greater appeal for those looking for a new home for rent or sale. Conceived according to a B2B2C model, a direct B2C digital channel is planned in the near future. The concept lab, open by appointment only, is located in the heart of Milan on an area of over 450 square metres at Via Archimede 4.

Dynamic models and lifestyles

Livinwow wants to conquer the growing segment of the market constituted by real estate players entering residential development to meet the needs of a new market, a modern clientele that, from the young Generation X to all Millennials, shares dynamic values, models and lifestyles, and a concept of living that has been rethought in the use of common spaces and in interior design solutions and compositions.

An innovative vision of home

"Livinwow's design model," explains Lorenzo Pascucci, founder of Milano Contract District, "is a coherent response to an innovative vision of the home. The domestic environment must be designed on the basis of evolved design services and moodboards, aligned with the changes that are revolutionising society and the way of living the home. We have analysed and paid particular attention to the solicitations and insights deriving from the world "outside the home" in order to translate them into a domestic lifestyle capable of responding to the changed functional needs of the pandemic period: smart working, remote conferencing, dad and home-learning, greater sustainability and demand for outdoor living spaces. All this has been translated into interior and outdoor living space projects that are liveable at 360 degrees, in which home living solutions speak for the first time a smart language, accessible and contiguous to the rest of the solicitations coming from the outside world".

A creative workshop

Livinwow therefore responds to the needs of a new real estate market designed today but available "tomorrow", to offer products and services to an increasingly changing and demanding clientele, which also seeks in real estate those simplified purchasing processes that can be experienced in fashion, food, catering, technology and automotive. The Livinwow showroom has been conceived as a creative laboratory, in which interior design settings are mixed with video supports and digital virtual tours, concretely expressing the concept of evolution of the interior design + home decor project.