The dynamism of Dubai and the allure of high hospitality converge at One&Only One Za'abeel which presents itself as a model of an innovative destination in the city

Raising the bar 'Always higher', as a legendary Italian commercial stated, is the rule in Dubai, which has found its identity between the desert, the sea and oil, assimilating the culture of project and culture of marketing the real estate product.

If everything here is in flux and devoted to exclamations of amazement, what is special about One Za'abeel, two new skyscraper towers connected by a 'boulevard' cantilevered 100 meters high, which stand out in the skyline of the UAE city, in the immediate vicinity of the International Financial Center and the airport, with the figurative and symbolic value of a gateway to the urban territory?

Of course, a spectacular architecture, abstract and disruptive, made of magnetic and sparkling vertical and horizontal lines that are structurally anchored to a bold vision of the built environment, already typical of LEED Gold Certification, honors the work of the Japanese design and engineering studio Nikken Sekkei, founded in 1900 in Tokyo and classified as one of the largest in the world.

But there is not only the Japanese sensitivity of minimal origin in the sign and the high manufacturing know-how that makes this work unique, commissioned by One Za'abeel Holdings LLC and grounded by KerznerInternational, a leading group in the high-end hospitality segment.

What makes it unique is the content expressed according to a direction calibrated to the millimetre, already in the different patterns and textures in structural glass and steel of the facades of the two skyscrapers.

The 235 meter high tower was in fact designed by the owner and the developer to host only private residences (264 units), while the tallest, 305 meters and 53 floors above ground introduced by an access podium characterized by a sinuous roof with interwoven metal panels, to accommodate two hotels, the SIRO and the One&Only, independent of each other but connected by a sophisticated internal system of elevators.

The SIRO was designed for those who do not separate business or leisure travel from fitness and the possibility of having physical exercise equipment in the 132 rooms, close to machine rooms, rooms for red light therapy treatments or anything else. For the percentage of guests attentive to wellness which is increasingly growing according to trends.

One&Only was instead created with the idea of proposing a vertical urban resort, designed in the internal spaces by the BelgianJean- Michel Gathy, inspired by a palette of neutral and relaxing colors that recall the texture of the white sand of the Za'abeel neighborhood in the fabrics, lights and works that decorate the rooms.

“Imagining to create an urban resort in a tower and not on the beach that everyone is looking for in Dubai, we diversified and further deepened the individual personality of our properties already recognized by the most demanding international travellers,” he said CEO Philippe Zuber.

“So, multiple tales within the tale intersect and become complementary in the same place. Private spaces have been envisaged that are even more generous in size and tailored in the configuration of spaces in the name of flexibility and uniqueness. Together with an extreme variety of amenities, entertainment and catering proposals that exceed the conventional expectations of ultra-luxury urban hospitality, conveying the energy that is part of the DNA of this cosmopolitan city".

In the accepted polyphony, the choice is very wide. The private units range from a cluster of 94 private homes and 229 rooms and suites (at the top of the list, the Royal Suite), to two-storey solutions, from the penthouse of 755 m2 which is a reinterpretation of the One&Only beach villas, up to the actual Villa with private outdoor infinity pool.

And if they all offer spectacular views of the urban skyline and a series of services designed specifically for the guest, among the public spaces, The Garden stands out, on the fourth floor, the lush Balinese-inspired garden which brings together a lagoon-style swimming pool and the StreetXO restaurant concept by Dabiz Muñoz – elected Best Chef in the world at the 2023 Best Chef Awards. On multiple levels then there is a hub that offers ultra-personalized wellness trips from the Swiss brand Clinique La Prairie.

But the great novelty of the resort is the futuristic boulevard, placed horizontally in the center and suspended 100 meters above the ground, the volume that contains the meaning and broader scope of the One &Only.

230 meters long and connected to the tower on the use level, The Link brings together a plethora of restaurants led by Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world, with interiors designed by as many internationally renowned designers, such as David Rockwell, and, on its roof, offers the spectacle of an infinity pool with an incredibly uninterrupted view of the city skyline. What else?.