An intimate and welcoming refuge, a personal diary that talks about travels, experiences and life paths: in Tivoli, Diana De Lorenzi's architectural and interior design gives shape to a home that is not just a home but also a story. The common thread of spaces and memories is the Rovere Kalika parquet by Woodco

Diana De Lorenzi, a content creator and story teller who narrates the beauty of the world through photos and life stories, is a home that talks about travel. The purchase of this house was an opportunity to put into practice the studies in Building Engineering and Architecture and to shape an apartment in one's own image, both a refuge and a diary in which to impress one's memories. In Tivoli, near Rome, the house is located inside a 1960s building located on a slope that offers a magnificent view of the capital. The panorama was the key element to develop the entire architectural project: "I took care of all the phases of the design", explains De Lorenzi, "from the demolition and redefinition of the spaces to the choice of materials and furnishing accessories. The goal was to enhance the landscape, so the first step was to review the existing layout, abolishing the long corridor in favor of a single open space, airy and bright. "

The heart of the project is the living area: the surface of about 40 square meters has been divided into two sections, one dedicated to the living room and one to the kitchen. A glass wall with a light structure, in painted metal, allows the continuous dialogue between the two environments, while keeping them separate. The planimetric rigor, underlined by the diagonal arrangement of the kitchen, is mitigated by the choice of accessories with soft shapes such as those of chairs and sofas.

The protagonist is the Rovere Kalika parquet by Woodco, around which the design choices revolve: "Having opted for an important wooden floor, full of knots and cracks", continues the owner, "pushed me to keep the rooms as sober as possible . This is why I chose soft colors for furnishings and accessories, customizing them in textures and finishes. " The parquet floors of the Impression collection are available in large format boards whose beveled and irregular edge is a guarantee of the craftsmanship of the workmanship. Hand-planed and brushed, they are finished with molecular oil, which nourishes and protects the wood fiber, guaranteeing absence of VOC and easy maintenance.

The sleeping area houses a double bedroom with master bathroom and walk-in closet, a secondary guest bedroom, another bathroom and a hallway. Contemporary accents and allure of yesteryear work together to create a welcoming and refined atmosphere. Modern suspensions illuminate an Old England style free standing bathtub; coatings with contemporary geometries coexist with brass finishes, inlays and details; an elegant boiserie frames the living area.

"I wanted a house that would tell the experiences I have lived: the Parisian elegance for the construction of the master bathroom, the cementine of the grandparents' house for the kitchen coverings, the all-encompassing nature of the Amazon Forest in the choice of a parquet full of knots and irregularities and the Moroccan atmosphere for a Thousand and One Nights guest bathroom ”, concludes Diana De Lorenzi.