The international competition for ideas for a new sustainable and high-tech building that will host a research hub and a new strip of urban green is underway

The last two years, marked by the times and methods of the pandemic, have quickly upset the logic, paradigms and rules, generating unprecedented crises in form and substance. But also creating opportunities for relaunch and development. According to entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, times have never been so favorable for the transition on a global, transnational and national level towards models of inclusive and sustainable growth: digitalization and technologies, artificial intelligence, but also ecological transition.

Research, training, urban green

The international ideas competition for the Grande MAXXI in Rome is in line with these trends. A new research center (MAXXI Hub) that fosters the relationship between architecture, art, science and artificial intelligence; a center of excellence for the restoration of the contemporary; new spaces for training; smart and accessible deposits; a new urban green landscape (MAXXI Green) designed by artists and agronomists, with outdoor exhibition activities, environmental workshops, production gardens; a new green challenge (MAXXI Sostenibile) with carbon neutrality, photovoltaic and rainwater recovery objectives to make Zaha Hadid's building sustainable; overcoming physical, sensory and digital barriers (MAXXI accessible and intelligent).

Future is sustainability

These are the challenges for the MAXXI of the future, this is the Grande MAXXI masterplan: after the transformations, evolution, research and results of the first ten years, now the National Museum of XXI Century Arts lays the foundations for the future, sign of sustainability, inclusion and innovation.

The competition and the masterplan

The competition for the new multifunctional building and the equipped public green system is the first step for the realization of the masterplan published in the Official Journal of the European Union last February 8 and in that of the Italian Republic on February 9. Grande MAXXI is developed in a series of interventions concerning the building designed by Zaha Hadid, Piazza Alighiero Boetti and a nearby area owned by the museum.

The timing of the project

For the realization of MAXXI Hub and MAXXI Green, an international competition of ideas was launched, aimed at multidisciplinary design groups. The jury will choose the best project according to the criteria of integration, sustainability, innovation, accessibility, technical and economic feasibility. The project must be delivered by May 13, 2022 and the winner will be announced on June 10, 2022, who will be entrusted with the final design. The first 5 projects in the ranking will be awarded in a graduated way and will be exhibited at MAXXI.