The home automation of the Marostica company offers a stimulus to professionals so that the lighting system and Home and Building automation systems are conceived as an integral part of the architectural project and not as a subsequent complement.

Light affects not only mood, but also performance, productivity and the level of freshness / fatigue of people: for this reason having the right light at any time of the day is becoming increasingly important. Healthy and efficient lighting is among the primary needs, in the design phase, for any type of environment (both internal and external), and, thanks to home automation technology, it is now a reality within everyone's reach.

In the historic center of a seaside village on the Riviera delle Palme, in western Liguria, this residence with a contemporary style, inspired by simplicity and lightness, is spread over two levels, surrounded by a private garden which, thanks to a large corner window on the ground floor, creates a sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor. Likewise, the large French windows on the first floor allow you to enjoy the sea view, as well as from the terrace that extends in the same direction, a natural extension of the living area.

And when evening falls, the villa gives its best: ad hoc lighting solutions enhance facades and paths, defining the night environment that surrounds the building and enhance the details with a meticulous orientation of the light. Lights, but also thermoregulation, anti-intrusion, video surveillance and sound system: Vimar technology makes it possible to coordinate all functions. A choice made right from the design stage of the building, both in terms of design and efficiency in the management of the systems. This choice allowed the Dedalo architecture studio to win the Special In / Architecture 2020 Award assigned by Vimar for the best project in Liguria.

Always attentive to the needs of architects and to the trends of modern living, Vimar, with the support of the In Arch 2020 Award, wanted to offer professionals a stimulus so that the electrical system and Home and Building automation systems are conceived as an integral part of the architectural project and not as a subsequent complement. Vimar home automation allows you to combine connectivity, simplicity, integration and design, giving life to a smart home that knows how to best meet the needs of those who live there. In this house, integration is total and all the systems present interact with each other to offer the best in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and safety. All solutions that are part of the View IoT Smart System platform.

In addition to technology, another strong point of all the Vimar devices present is the design. To give a further touch of elegance to the rooms, the refined lines of Eikon Tactil for the controls were chosen from the wide range of Vimar domestic ranges, in combination with those of Eikon Evo for the sockets. Able to enhance environments, the Tactil controls stand out for their lines, for the smooth and bright glass surface. As soon as you touch you, a proximity sensor detects the proximity to the device and activates a backlight so to activate them just a light touch. It is through these devices that the management of lights, shutters and set scenarios takes place: advanced technology and aesthetic continuity make this residence a successful mix.