Founded by Schüco Italia and Thema, Theatro opened in Verano Brianza in January 2017. Today it confirms itself as an unprecedented hub in Italy and Europe, designed for design, culture and business

The need to rethink buildings as complex and interconnected organisms, to be designed with an overall vision through dialogue with all the players involved, is the intuition that led Theatro (founded in 2017 by Schüco Italia and Thema) to become a reality that brings together leading companies in the architecture and design sector guided by the common goal of promoting efficient and effective architecture and design inspired by living wellbeing.


Meet, Think, Build

The payoff Meet, Think, Build encapsulates the essence of the project: a place for people to meet, a space for thought, design and development. A place that promotes project culture to generate skills and potential; think tank of technical knowledge and solutions to improve project quality; project management service that coordinates a network of specialists in project development and construction.


Continuously growing activities

In its first three years of activity, Theatro brought together more than 20 companies from different sectors and took part in 176 projects. This, together with the organisation of around 25 major cultural events, enabled the partners to come into contact with 2,780 architects and designer. The total turnover of the partner companies gained through the network is more than 43 million euro.

The Build Gallery

This year, Theatro's space is enriched with a new path: The Build Gallery, a place where to experience solutions capable of integrating design, technology and performance by discovering the mock-ups realised by Theatro and its partners. Mock-ups that are nothing more than custom solutions, integrating envelope products and more, developed through calculations, research, continuous comparisons with architects, engineers and partner companies.