Polychrome and ever-changing, a glass canopy houses, illuminates and colors the new kaleidoscopic pavilion of the Californian estate The Donum Estate designed by Studio Other Spaces, founded by the artist Olafur Eliasson and the architect Sebastian Behmann

Among the main producers of Pinot Nero from California, The Donum Estate inaugurated the Vertical Panorama Pavilion, an open and kaleidoscopic space dedicated to wine tasting that allows a highly sensorial encounter with the surrounding environment. The pavilion was designed by Studio Other Spaces, founded by artist Olafur Eliasson and from architect Sebastian Behmann united by the interest in spatial experimentation.

A focal point, polychrome and changing

The canopy shelters a magical, polychrome and changing place, dedicated to hospitality: a focal point of The Donum from which you can enjoy a wide panoramic view on the bay of San Pablo, its vineyards of the Carneros estate and on the Donum collection, comprising some 50 monumental site specific installations and various works of art.

832 colored laminated glass panels

Inspired by the history of circular calendars, the conical canopy is centered on a northern oriented oculus and glazed with 832 colored laminated glass panels depicting yearly averages of the four meteorological parameters at the Estate – solar radiance, wind intensity, temperature, and humidity.

24 translucent and transparent shades

The glass panels consist of 24 colors in variations of translucent and transparent hues, which resonate colors of the local environment in the Sonoma Valley. Vertical Panorama Pavilion is a synergy of art and architecture that manifests Studio Other Spaces vision of designing public spaces through interdisciplinary and experimental methodologies.

Other architectures and works of art on the estate

The pavilion was designed to host the experience of wine tasting and other events. This is a significant addition to the other architectural designs created for the estate, which includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and one dedicated to the reception, Donum Home, as well as a space configured as a white cube in which the work Crouching Spider by Louise Bourgeois.

Wine, nature and art, design and architecture

“This pavilion perfectly blends our passions between wine, nature and art, design, and architecture. It is an achievement of our continuous effort to enhance the sensorial discovery of sight, sound, and scent experiences for all our guests” explains Mei and Allan Warburg, owners of The Donum Estate.

“We first walked the land in 2019 with Olafur. The sun gave contrast to a spectrum of colours, we took a sip of our Pinot Noir, and at that moment, Vertical Panorama Pavilion was born. The pavilion finishes at a perfect time, as the vines bear their frui.

“Vertical Panorama Pavilion is a hospitable space, which celebrates the exceptional wine at Donum and the microclimates that created ithanno aggiunto added Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann, founders of Studio Other Spaces.

“The specific design elements are abstractions of components taken from a vertical slice through the pavilion’s location on the Estate. The pavilion maps out the surrounding ephemera – the soil, vegetation, wind, sun, atmosphere, and rain – and incorporates these into the colorful canopy, reflecting the wine’s unique signaturure.