Eikon Exé's Flat controls for a headquarter designed by studio Progetto Architettura

Sustainable design implies the application of criteria whereby the architect and designer respond to the needs and demands of the client while respecting the natural capacity of the planet (on a global scale) and the territory (on a local scale) to absorb the consequences of the design activity itself. Through an approach that respects genius loci and "exploits" the context and climatic conditions in which a building is to be erected, in order to satisfy the comfort and quality of life of those who will live in it in the best possible way.

Clean, linear style

With this in mind, the new headquarters for Guardini Spa in Volpiano (To), signed by architect Paolo Alpe of the Progetto Architettura studio, sets new standards of quality and environmental sustainability. In fact, the idea of developing an eco-sustainable building that integrates into its surroundings was a determining factor in the design choices and their subsequent development. From the outside, the structure appears with a rigorous yet light form, while the bright interiors reflect an informal character thanks to interconnected spaces. Distinguished by a clean, linear style, the interiors stand out for another element: the Vimar devices and, in particular, the Flat controls, chosen to make even the electrical system match the new structure.

Defined identity

Born from the essentiality that characterises the Eikon Exé plates, they are designed to give interior design projects even more exclusivity and a more defined identity in line with current style trends that favour linear forms.

Wide range of finishes and backlighting

Available in both electromechanical and home automation versions, also on KNX standard, the square and planar shape of the Flat controls gives a pleasant flush-surface effect that enhances the materiality of the plate. Realised in Matt White, Anthracite Grey, Brushed Nickel, Gold and Dark Brushed Bronze finishes, they allow, combined with the respective Eikon Exé plate, to create an elegant total look to match simple lines and clean, essential geometries. Equipped with customisable RGB backlighting, the buttons can also be laser-engraved with icons and pictograms to identify different functions.

Photos are by Beppe Giardino