Concrete textures pierced by blades of light envelop the Wóolis residential project, conceived by Arkham Projects in Yucatán. A circular observatory that pays homage to the Mayan heritage

Curated by the Mexican architecture firm Arkham Projects, Wóolis is a highly material, primordial and evocative residential project, whose name was chosen by the team by the local artisans who gave life to the spaces.

What does Wóolis mean

In the ancient language Maya Wóolis means ball, round, circle, clear reference to the central cylinder around which the indoor and outdoor environments of the home develop. In fact, the house becomes a sort of observatory privileged to study the passage of time through the position of the shadows created by the sunlight that pierces the concrete grid that surrounds the structure.

Just like the Maya, a fascinating and mysterious pre-Columbian people attracted to timekeeping, celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena.

A tribute to Mayan wisdom

Located north of the city of Mérida, in the Yucatán, in a secondary street in Temozón Norte, Wóolis is an ascetic place in its raw essentiality that invites you to observe, study and respect the origins to treasure the Maya heritage that still permeates the territory in which the home engages.

A observatory to study the passing of time like the Maya

The at home thus becomes a contemporary observatory to discover the passage of time through the lines painted by the sun on the walls when, at different times of the day, the light pierces the upper lattice of the cylindrical structure; traces, shadows and changing light effects that change their position during the ’a nno due to the different inclination of the sun.

Baths of light and shadow

Taking advantage of the orientation of the texture of the concrete surfaces that embroider the structure, the central cylinder allows the passage of light in the central space where the swimming pool is located, at the same time its sinuous and deep shape ensures that the space is sufficiently in shadow during the ' sunrise and sunset, allowing you to inhabit the area comfortably throughout the day.

Connection between internal and external

The strategic position of the central space, on which, thanks to large sliding glass doors, the most convivial areas of the house open, ensures a seamless visual and living connection between exterior and interior.

An álamo tree anticipates the internal oasis

From the other side of the pool, a smaller patio houses a large álamo tree that protrudes above the roofline of the entire structure, anticipating, even before entering, a surprising open oasi that Wóolis holds.

Tre patii

La configurazione degli spazi interni ed esterni della villa prevede tre patii: se il primo è il più aperto e conviviale, quello sul retro è il più intimo e schermato. Tra di loro si innestano tre corpi interni: servizi, spazi pubblici e ambienti privati.

An exercise of self-construction

Wóolis is a sort of exercise of self-construction: the owner was the one who guided the various construction phases, coordinating all the actors who participated in the project.

Luxury is the authenticity, raw, luminous, magical

Wóolis is a project that does not claim to be exclusive for its precious materials and coatings, on the contrary, it finds that luxury - that value given by the uniqueness - raw authenticity of its elements, giving maximum prominence to light and its interaction with the home.