"Thresholds", by Yael Bartana and Ersan Mondtag is a journey through past and future uncertain stories, edited by Cağla Ilk

For years the Israeli Yael Bartana addresses social and political themes and forces us to reflect on our daily life and on what awaits us in the near future.

He did so with his famous Polish trilogy and Europe Will be stunned , a project focused on the history of the Polish-Jewish relations which developed through an imaginative rewriting of the recent history of Europe imagining the return to Israel of 3,300,000 residents in Poland and then reiterated it with the work video Malka Germany , of 2021, presented for the first time in Italy at the PAC of Milan.

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The Dutch pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2024

The artist, director and photographer now brings his poetics to the German pavilion on the occasion of the 60th Venice Biennale . The project, edited by çağla ilk and signed by four hands with the director Ersan Mondtag , is titled thresholds e He promises to accompany the public on a journey through past and future uncertain stories.

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The exhibition is divided into three scenarios. In the first Yael, who lives and works between Berlin, tel aviv and Amsterdam, ventures into a catastrophic present.

The artist, looking for a way out, creates a work capable of balanced dystopia and utopia, imagining new scenarios and (above all) an unexpected possibility of survival.

For the fifty -three -year -old, who for over twenty years now makes videos, installations, photographs, performances and public monuments that face all the traumas of the collective unconscious open to face, art thus becomes the access key to explore the Complex dynamics of power and that very thin line that divides social relationships from the artificially built reality.

In the second scenario, Mondtag develops a space as opposed to the monumental one of the pavilion where it will wonder what could happen if it was possible to revive past eras.

While the third scenario is finally represented by the sound installation of the artists Michael Akstaller, Nicole L’Huillier, Robert Lippok and Jan St. Werner set up on the island of the Certosa, north-east of Venice.

Thresgholds places the complexity of the history and future of Germany at the center. And he does it by immersing himself in the depths of creativity and pushing the public to reflect on what has been and what could be.

Because, as Bartana herself said long ago "the only task that we artists have is to creating alternatives , trigger the imagination in order to give a different guise to everyday reality ".