A project that reflects on the transformations of the world of design and involves visitors in an operation of personalizing the display

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUBPORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The installation Quinte Mutevoli develops around the columns in the portico in the Courtyard of Honor, establishing a harmonious contact with the existing structure.

The project, devised by Catello Raffaele, Ornella Formati and Vincenzo Esposito in collaboration with the students of the Interior Architecture Course of the Accademia IUAD,, involves visitors in active participation that enables them to customize parts of the installation. In fact the backdrops can be modified. They simply need to freely move the colored slats composing them.

The result is a ‘high-performance’ installation, whose basic structure is defined by the designers, while it is up to the end users to create ever new scenarios, customized according to the needs of those who experience them.

The concept stems from reflection on the changes under way in the world of design, thanks to new technologies and processing with 3D printers or laser cutting, which give the final product a new appearance by proposing a new production model.

The display, designed by the teachers of the Accademia IUAD and created by Francesco Orazzo’s Insane Print & Design, features a metal base structure and communicating panels (sandwich panels).

Some of the slats that make up the panels can be moved by the visitors, so that they can modify their parts and enable the viewers to play an active part in shaping the installation.