A grand diorama composed of seven majestic mountains. Each of these narrates one of the seven decades of Interni history

HALL OF THE AULA MAGNA, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - AMDL CIRCLE together with Guido Scarabottolo stages a journey that crosses seven mountains and culminates in a volcano. 70 years of Interni in a great diorama and an array of 700 covers

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Interni chooses the Hall of the University's Aula Magna to stage a great diorama. The installation, conceived by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi together with Guido Scarabottolo, unfolds across seven majestic mountains, each of them identifying one of the seven decades of Interni's history, and culminating in an impressive erupting volcano, a symbol of vitality and dynamism.

The path is a metaphor for the magazine's transversal approach to the morphological, aesthetic and landscape changes in the city of Milan, to which it has borne a witness for seventy years.

The idea of using paper exclusively to create the scenic effect of the diorama expresses a concern for the choice of materials. Inside each of the seven mountains, the story of the seven decades continues through 700 covers which, graphically united, are presented to visitors in the form of posters, so completing the whole narrative scenario.

The installation to celebrate Interni's 70th anniversary is made out of an interlocking system of pressed cardboard profiles supporting honeycomb cardboard panels on which Guido Scarabottolo's drawings are reproduced.

A large natural sisal rug houses and holds together the story that combines design, art and architecture.