Seven rooms, seven different experiences to try through the architecture of the pavilion. A meeting between performance and installation

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - Seven rooms, seven experiences. The encounter between architecture, installation and performance: a journey to discover how the environment can change our feelings

“Responding to the theme of INTERNI Cross Vision, for the first time I am experimenting with the encounter between performance and installation. Travelling incorporates a studio space where visitors can watch me paint. These works will complement and modify the installation during the period of the exhibition, superseding the boundary between finished architecture and lived experience.”

The installation, created by AKK Architects-Annaka, is divided into seven environments, each of which represents a human activity: work, music, sexuality, meditation, art, play, cinema. Covered by a burnished canopy of copper and aluminum, it is illuminated by a colored transparent wall on which 50 images are drawn representing emotions and moments of life, the contemporary equivalent of a medieval stained glass window.

A key feature of the installation is the interplay of light and shade as it changes in the course of the day: projectors positioned in the adjacent gallery of the Courtyard of Honor illuminate it, creating colored reflections on the floor.

The structure (approx. 7 x 3.5 x h 5 m) designed by AKK Architects-Annaka is made of steel tubes on which are mounted plywood panels with finishes that differ depending on the theme. The main one consists of Bencore's colored acrylic sheets on which the architect's sketches are printed.

The LED strips applied to the wall generate reflections on the floor, creating continuity.

The anodized aluminum casing with a copper finish is angled at 7° to heighten the dynamism. The interiors are lined with organic materials such as felt, leather and rubber.