An exploration between abstraction and matter, where light and reflections, matter and technology reflect the surrounding landscape.

EAST LOGGIA, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - An exploration between abstraction and matter, where light and reflections render images of the surrounding landscape. A kinetic experience that speaks of craftsmanship and advanced technology in the language of art.

“In this installation I explore the relations between light and reflection, matter and technology, combined in a project made up of abstraction and tangible matter.”

For the upper floor of the East Loggia, Arik Levy has designed many mirrored elements suspended as if they were mobiles.

Held together by cables and articulated joints, they rotate randomly, creating a continuous interplay of spatial multiplication that superimposes the images of architecture, landscape and people.

The installation continues in the Courtyard of Honor, where the facets of the Ghost sculpture, whose mirror finish is made by nanocoating, engage in a dialogue with another reflective composition that, placed on the wall, projects light and reflections in prismatic ways, like a contemporary painting in continuous evolution.

“I deliberately chose not to exhibit a product, but to offer a kinetic experience that tells the story of Sans Souci's craft skills in glassmaking, and at the same time its outstanding technological know-how.”

The installation created by Sans Souci is conceived as a sort of dancing and hypnotic vision of irregular polygons in mirrored glass 1 cm thick, ranging in size from 30 x 44 cm to 80 x 165 cm, connected to each other by cables and articulated joints at a height of more than 5 meters. The interplay of the mirrored elements is heightened by the breeze produced by six fans arranged in the Loggia.