A luminous portal and on the threshold a blue tank transformed by love: a call to the arts against all wars

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUBPORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - A glowing portal and on the threshold a blue chariot Transformed by Love. A call to the arts against all wars, with POETIC VERSES carved on gilded doors, where the word is a long thread that unites

The meaning of the work is: open the door towards a better world. “Because love conquers war, it conquers everything.” Marco Nereo Rotelli with Ever in Art® has designed a large gilded portal, installed close to the arches of the Portico of the seventeenth-century Court of Honor.

Consisting of 46 gilded doors, it is a symbol of entrance to all the cities of the world. On the threshold of the portal is a tank wrapped up on which the word “LOVE” stands out, as a further communication of peace.

The threshold is understood here as a real and metaphorical space, a border between matter and nature, which becomes an opening, a place of passage, waiting and meditation. The portal (10.40 x 4.80 m) is made up of 46 doors, signed, produced and certified by Bertolotto.

Made from water-repellent and fireproof wood fibers and painted gold with a poetic phrase carved on both the front and the back, they are positioned in two superimposed rows. The center of the installation features an army tank (210x230 cm) painted blue.