An installation inspired by the fusion that punctuates thought and action: a paradigm of a path towards responsible progress

AUDI HOUSE OF PROGRESS, PORTRAIT MILANO - A space that divides into four to tell the story of a cutting-edge vision of the automotive industry and a new idea of sustainable mobility

Reflaction: merging the words ‘reflection’ and ‘action’ gives rise to the title of the installation designed for Audi by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. ‘Action’ indicates an effort directed towards a harmonious technological evolution, as well as a concrete commitment to environmental protection and the construction of a fairer social ecosystem.

‘Reflaction’ is an invitation to reflect on the consequences of what we do and the meaning of our own existence in the world.

It is no coincidence that the project chooses the mirror to define two high walls that intersect symmetrically, dividing the centre of the quadrilateral of the Hotel Portrait Milano into four areas, as many as Audi’s symbolic rings.

Almost invisible, the structure multiplies people and objects, identifying four different situations inviting us to engage in the numerous activities proposed during the days of the FuoriSalone.

Visitors can walk around Reflaction and stop in the Performance section, where two Audi SQ6s are on display for the first time; Community is the space designed to stimulate contacts and conviviality, in the shade of the trees; Knowledge is the amphitheater where meetings and talks take place; the Audi light technologies area reveals the innovative digital technologies related to light developed by the German brand.

The Audi installation consists of four mirrored walls (10 x 1.2 x h 8.5 m) dividing the space into four areas: the Performance area exhibits two new Audi SQ6 models in two different shades of grey; the red of Japanese maples predominates in the Community area, devoted to conviviality; a circular amphitheater with solid wooden steps and chrome-plated steel balustrades defines the Knowledge area; in the Audi light technologies space, four displays represent the technologies (front light, digital OLED 2.0 and OLED evolution model) used for the front and rear lights of the Audi Q6 e-tron.