A modular structure that is the result of a collective project bringing together different perspectives and arts: an invitation for a new design culture

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - A modular and flexible structure plays on the balance between wood and light. The light beams mark the passing of time and the act of crossing a threshold becomes a symbolic opening to higher perspectives.

Umbral, il Tempio dell’Ascolto is a project that brings together different perspectives and arts starting from the experiences of the three designers Carlo Farina, Veronica Pesenti Rossi and Memo Sánchez Cárdenas, skilfully guided by the Fondazione Franco Albini in a path of experimentation.

The concept of the installation is the importance of co-creation. The name Umbral – meaning threshold, in Spanish – evokes the idea of a boundary between the known and the unknown. The installation is an invitation to venture into a new culture of design, whose fulcrums are the Blockhaus solid wood construction system and the principles of the Albini Method.

The red thread – real and symbolic – is the central tree, representing the bond that unites us all in a single community of sharing. The external rectangular structure encloses a space modulated on different heights, within which the light beams mark the passing of time, and a participatory and multisensory experience welcomes visitors.

The installation, located in the Court of Honor, was created by Rubner Haus and designed by Carlo Farina, Veronica Pesenti Rossi, Memo Sánchez Cárdenas, under the guidance of the -Fondazione Franco Albini.

It comprises five modules of two different heights, perceptible only from the inside. From the outside, it looks like a compact and linear element, punctuated on the longer side by vertical partitions. It is based on the Blockhaus, an ancient construction system among those used by Rubner Haus for its wooden architecture.