A gilded landscape that invites you to move amid its regular geometries and play between lights, shadows and reflections

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - A gilded landscape that invites you to lose yourself in its regular geometries and play amid lights, shadows and reflections, in a symbiosis between architecture, design and art.

Eighteen portals, formed by golden spheres and arranged in six rows, compose a brilliant, spectacular, dreamlike landscape with regular geometries. Walking among the structures of Mille Miroirs, people move amid shadows, lights and reflections, to immerse themselves “in the heart of the artist's imagination and lose their balance, outside time and reality”.

The installation blends architecture, design, and art to create an immersive experience. The aim of the works by the French designer Cyril Lancelin is to “relate architecture to the human body, the everyday and the functional, the eternal and the ephemeral, science and nature”. With the stated wish to cultivate the sense of beauty, demonstrating how art can bridge the gaps between different disciplines, cultures and people, Lancelin creates sustainable and “multifunctional ecosystems” capable of expressing themselves in a universal language.

Geometric silhouettes composed of golden spheres design a reflective, spectacular and dreamlike artificial landscape. Visitors can interact with the structure by moving around and within it and walking through shadows, lights, and reflections. The project presented by Fidenza Village, part of The Bicester Collection, expresses the French designer's gift for creating works capable of blending with the surrounding environment.