Two large fantastic animals suspended in the space that hosts them: a sort of medieval bestiary by the artist, born from the study of the concept of evolution and mutation

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - For INTERNI Cross Vision, Galleria De Ambrogi exhibits in the Cortile d’Onore two new large sculptures by the artist Dario Ghibaudo, made from recycled plastic material.

“The artist’s work here is in dialogue with a multitude of artistic languages, whose variety means that the two great fantastic creatures are placed in an almost circumspect and suspended way in the space hosting them,” explains Luigi De Ambrogi.

“A new world, an omen of wonder... the new future.” The works are part of the Museum of Unnatural History, an ongoing project that the Milanese artist has been working on since 1990.

“Starting from the study of animal mutations, to which he devoted himself in the early 90s, Ghibaudo has now arrived at a sort of medieval bestiary linked to the concept of evolution. Each work is created by the artist according to an idea of participation and absolute fusion between thought, matter and production, while what is unreal is the space: the Museum of Unnatural History does not exist.”

Wonderful Creatures by Dario Ghibaudo, presented by Galleria De Ambrogi, are part of the project of the Museum of Unnatural History.

Left, Room XVIII, Avis custodit suum ovum (2024) made from recycled plastic (2.40 x 2.80 x h. 2.10 m). Below, Room XVIII, Criatura longa piscis cauda (2024), also made from recycled plastic (2.50 x 1.70 x h. 3.20 m).