A geodesic structure acoustically isolated from the exterior favors primordial sensory and cognitive experiences

UNIVERSITÀ CATTOLICA DEL SACRO CUORE, LARGO GEMELLI 11 - A journey through the sounds of the oldest forest ecosystems on Earth, recorded in 3D and reproduced in spherical periphony, in darkness, in the intimacy of deep listening.

Pesaro, Italian Capital of Culture 2024, stands out with the Sonosphere®, the result of the vision of its inventor David Monacchi. This initiative embodies the union of art, technology and environmental awareness. Monacchi uses his interdisciplinary expertise in sound engineering, field research and ecoacoustic art to pay homage to Pesaro Unesco Creative City of Music.

The Sonosphere®, which has been hosted in Pesaro since its creation, is presented in the Cortile d’Onore Leone XIII of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, for the first time included in the circuit of exhibitions organized by Interni during the FuoriSalone.

A participation that seeks to tell the story of Pesaro, and that goes beyond the classic concept of a temporary installation by proposing a work that is the result of decades of research and concrete actions.

An activity that is more than just institutional, represented by Pesaro 2024 and CTE Square - Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti, but is also linked to a large company such as Renco, specializing in the field of engineering, consulting and construction services in the energy and civil infrastructure sectors, which bases its actions on the rigorous application of the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The Sonosphere® experience is accessible to groups of 40 people who will be immersed in a three-dimensional sound field, created by 45 loudspeakers positioned in a spherical geometry.

A sensory theatre that reproduces the sound closest to reality ever created. The sound spectrograms are projected into a 360° ultra-high-definition ring, generating a powerful visual transposition of the acoustic sensory experience and overturning perceptual hierarchies. Sonosfera® is included in the program of Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024. Partners in the installation are CTE Square and Renco.