INTERNI 70 and INTERNI Cross Vision: the history, present and future of design intersect in the FuoriSalone 2024 exhibition-event and in the celebrations for the anniversary of our magazine

INTERNI, the Magazine of Interiors and Contemporary Design, has been fortunate enough to share the fantastic, adventurous history of Italian furniture and furnishings for 70 years and has closely followed the growth that design has experienced express thanks to the work of brilliant men and women of culture, architects, designers and intuitive and courageous entrepreneurs.

In 1954, INTERNI was born to tell and interpret the culture of the Project and grew with it, while design spread, broadened its horizons and influenced daily life in all its manifestations: from the home to work, from education to commerce, from hospitality to mobility, to services.

In my 30 years of management, INTERNI has assumed an increasingly decisive commitment to spreading the culture of the Project at an international level, promoting unprecedented creative alliances between designers, businesses, exponents of culture, operators and developing a of parallel publications – the INTERNI System – which transformed it from an elite media to a communication tool for a wider and more diversified audience.

The events that INTERNI has organized since the end of the nineties on the occasion of the FuoriSalone can also be traced back to this effort to broaden the culture of design - after having actually created the event itself, in 1990 with the first Designer's Week.

Each exhibition-event that INTERNI has curated, organized and produced on the occasion of the various FuoriSalone has offered the public a different look - experimental and research - on a topical theme of the project, interpreted by the greatest international designers, architects, artists in partnership with the most innovative companies from a wide variety of sectors.

Among all these initiatives, INTERNI Cross Vision, the exhibition-event we created for the FuoriSalone 2024 coinciding with our 70th birthday, is perhaps one of the most emblematic.

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In fact, it talks about the uniqueness of Italian design - the ability to merge the qualities of industry and the soul of manufacturing through the Project - proposing it through a constructive comparison with the cultures of other countries to think about a future animated by an attitude of research, innovation, experimentation and able to follow the universal principles of sustainability and protection of the places in which we live in the construction of Beauty.

It is, therefore, for designers and companies but also for us as a magazine-spokesperson of the culture of the Project, a reflection on our identity, a bridge between the past, present and future to understand, starting from who we are and how we move in the contemporary world, where we want to go.