Rice is the raw material of zero-impact architecture, food for visitors and, at the end of the exhibition, nourishment for the Orto Botanico

ORTO BOTANICO DI BRERA / ENI SPACE - Rice is the raw material of a zero-impact architecture, food for the visitors and, at the end of the exhibition, nourishment for the botanical garden with a view to circularity and transformation

SunRICE - La ricetta della felicità is the installation proposed by Eni at the Brera Botanical Garden, designed by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and Italo Rota, and in collaboration with Niko Romito.

An experiential journey that leads visitors to see with new eyes known elements of everyday life, through a staple food: rice. Starting from the plant, passing through the ingredient and its innovative use in the kitchen, this journey in stages also shows how processing rice waste can become a raw material for a new and sustainable architecture.

At the end of the exhibition, with a view to circularity, the installation will be transformed again, becoming nourishment to be reintroduced into the soil of the garden.

For SunRICE, chef Niko Romito – who over the years has built his own identitarian vision of food and gastronomy on the circularity of creative thinking – has created a “biscuit” with rice and some herbaceous raw materials grown in the Brera Botanical Garden among its ingredients. The tasting offered to visitors will help to make the experience unexpected and promote the key values of the initiative.

SunRICE is a project focused on sharing the key themes underpinning transformative economies, well-being and health, skills and training.

The installation, co-produced by Eni, consists of triangular modules in geopolymer (silica-based) suitable for outdoor use. The material is generated by reusing the waste from processing rice (rice husks), through a zero impact production process.