INTERIORS Cross Vision welcomes the seagull chandelier created by the artist for the Procuratie Vecchie of Longhena in Venice

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUBPORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - Flight is a symbol of freedom, vision and thought: the shape of the work refers to the classic Venetian chandeliers, whose elements it reinterprets.

“INTERNI Cross Vision embodies the seagull that I created for Longhena’s Procuratie Vecchie in Venice and that metaphorically arrives in Milan in ‘its free flight’.

The Venetian seagull could only fly to a place similar in terms of architectural qualities, such as Filarete’s portico, to be admired by a different public, the international visitors attentive to Italian design.”

This is how the Venetian artist Federica Marangoni introduces her chandelier-sculpture with a deliberately classical structure, with its eight legs running along the central tube as if to support it, creating “a metaphor for the life of a city of water, a strong aesthetic presence, which symbolically unites good and evil, air and earth.”

The chandelier (1.30 x h 1.45 m), made with the support of the Simone Cenedese glassworks of Murano, consists of a crown of large crystal feathers, while the heads with a long yellow-orange beak and eyes made of murrina serve as the lamp holders protruding from the four arms of the frame.

The feathers, between which runs a stripe of white LED dots, are hand-shaped in diffuser glass and gold leaf. The cup and the yellow-striped central tube, about one meter high, are illuminated.