A triumph of different shapes and colors that artistically tell the story of the everyday products on sale in the store

EATALY MILANO - Art, architecture and design come together with natural elements in a theatrical set that stages everyday ingredients. Celebrating food in its most essential and colorful image.

“A light, floating installation that does mind and soul good to see it.” Designed by Giulio Cappellini, it is an ode to food as a source of joy and tranquility, in its purest image as matter. “The natural elements are extraordinary in their forms and colors. In its representations, food has always been a witness and spokesperson of different historical periods and various socio-cultural phenomena,” the designer observes.

Consisting of modular panels, the installation fits into the entrance hall of the former Teatro Smeraldo, opened in the 1940s, to blend art, architecture and design with natural elements. The result is a multifaceted and colorful representation, which tells the story of the everyday products in the store in a different way.

Giulio Cappellini's installation for Eataly consists of four suspended screens (two measuring 320x320 cm, one 162xh478 and one 162xh557 cm), held in place by natural wooden frames. The panels form the backdrop to transparent suspended containers containing wine, legumes, pasta and oil. Each screen is divided into 75x75 cm modules made of rice paper.