The image of Cross Vision is by Guido Scarabottolo: the illustrator created it for the installation which, in the Aula Magna of the University, celebrates 70 years of Interni, designed with AMDL Circle

An volcano in eruption, a symbol of vitality and dynamism.

The image of Guido Scarabottolo which has become the identity of Cross Vision is also the heart of the installation conceived by AMDL Circle and Michele De Lucchi with the illustrator which celebrates 70 years of INTERNI in the Hall of the Aula Magna of the University.

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On stage, a large diorama with seven mountains, each symbol of a decade of Interni history.

Inside each one, the story of the seven decades continues through 700 covers which, graphically united, are offered to visitors in the form of posters, thus completing the entire narrative scenario which culminates with the image of the volcano.

“With the month of April INTERNI officially begins the celebrations for its first 70 years of publication, a dense journey that has documented, interpreted and promoted the evolution of architecture, interior and design projects in the world” , explains Gilda Bojardi.

“In these seven decades we have been fortunate enough to share the fantastic and adventurous history of Italian design and furniture, the famous Made in Italy, and we have closely followed the growth that this has been able to express thanks to the work of brilliant men and women of culture, of architects and designers, of intuitive and courageous entrepreneurs. INTERNI has matured with design.

With an increasingly precise commitment to communicating project culture at an international level, INTERNI has developed a system of parallel publications that has transformed the monthly magazine from elite media to mass media. Its activity also includes the conception and coordination of events and exhibitions, organized with the aim of encouraging a meeting between those who design, those who produce, those who distribute and those who disseminate".

The installation is created with an interlocking system of pressed cardboard profiles which support the honeycomb cardboard panels on which Guido Scarabottolo's drawings are reproduced.

A large natural sisal carpet welcomes and holds together the story that combines design, art and architecture.