Installations, thematic exhibitions and micro architectures for a constructive comparison between the experimentation and know-how of Italian design and the design cultures of other countries

INTERNI CROSS VISION is the theme of the major Interni Exhibition Event at the FuoriSalone 2024 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the magazine.

In these 70 years of careful documentation and critical observation, Interni has highlighted how Architecture, Design and Art contribute to defining the complexity of the Project.

Over the years, INTERNI has always looked to Italian (and international) Design in its uniqueness and ability to combine industrial innovation and artisanal traditions in relationship with International Designers and Design.

Where industry shows its "coldness" connected to the main characteristic of Technique, i.e. its ability to infinitely produce and reproduce matrices, craftsmanship (understood as manual skill and unrepeatability of the single gesture) makes the object unique and with one soul.

INTERNI asked the designers and companies participating in Cross Vision to talk about this all-Italian uniqueness - the ability to merge the qualities of industry and the soul of manufacturing through the Project - by putting it in a constructive comparison with the cultures of others countries, deepening research, innovation, experimentation and following the universal principles of sustainability and protection of the places in which we live: Nature and Landscape, Environment and Artifice, designed following the common objective of cultivating the sense of beauty.

INTERNI Cross Vision is therefore a physical manifestation of the power of Transversal Thinking, animated by different cultures and knowledge and interpreted through research and experimentation. The installations and temporary exhibitions are all animated by an artistic gesture, where art is understood as technè and becomes the useful tool for undermining the knowledge acquired to build new paradigms and proposals to be articulated in the world of architecture, economics, of ecology.