Kutnu fabrics from south-eastern Turkey, revisited in a contemporary key, deck the columns of the courtyard

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUBPORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - Kutnia fabrics pay homage to the traditional Kutnu fabric of southeastern Turkey and a handicraft heritage that risked being lost.

With a display that takes the furnishing style of the interiors out of doors, Weaving Inside Out covers the columns of the Porch of the Courtyard of Honor with bands of Kutnia fabric, so creating a contrast between the hardness of the stone and the softness of this contemporary handmade fabric, a blend of history, research and innovation.

The installation is dedicated to the ancient art of Kutnu weaving that originated in Gaziantep, eastern Turkey. Julide Konukoglu created the Kutnia brand in 2017 to breathe new life into this traditional handicraft that was in danger of disappearing from its hometown.

Fabrics were used for the five columns and five geometric shapes placed at the center of the installation. The windows of the courtyard have been transformed into a gallery of Kutnia fabrics; a sort of ‘market’ that evokes a journey from the ancient Silk Road to the innovation of contemporary fabrics, paying homage to the craft heritage of Milan and Gaziantep.

The Kutnia installation was created under the direction of its founder, Julide Konukoglu.

Kutnia has retained the distinctive appearance of the traditional Kutnu fabric by using 40% cotton in the weft, but the process has been updated to replace 60% of the warp silk with more durable rayon. Kutnia fabrics are available in a broad range of patterns, produced in different weights and finishes to suit a wide variety of uses.