An inflatable sphere creates a planetarium where you can enter to observe a constellation of branches, leaves, stars, listening to nursery rhymes

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUBPORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - An inflatable sphere made of waterproof fabric wraps around the tree in the courtyard of honour of the University of Milan, creating a planetarium which you can enter to observe a constellation of branches, leaves and stars. while listening to nursery rhymes

Devised by Ludovica Diligu, designer and founder of Labo.Art, together with the artistic duo Plastique Fantastique (Marco Canevacci and Yena Young), Planetarium is an inflatable structure 9 meters in diameter made out of waterproof Labo.Art fabric and enfolding the trunk of the tree in the Courtyard of Honor of the University of Milan.

On entering the sphere, the visitors’ gaze is drawn upwards and, as in a planetarium, they find themselves observing constellations made up of branches, leaves and even stars.

The immersive effect is heightened by the narrating voice of Pablo Trincia reciting Gianni Rodari’s nursery rhymes, bringing back childhood memories. An installation designed to “rekindle the joy of enchantment and desire inspired by the Latin term de-sidera, which literally signifies the absence of stars,” explain Plastique Fantastique.

“These (in)visible installations fuse art, performance, individual stories, people and architecture, to offer a multi-sensory experience that blurs conventional boundaries and transcends imagination. It’s the air that creates the inflatables. Not the plastic.”

The 9-meter diameter pneumatic installation consists of a single membrane made by Ludovica Diligu and Plastique Fantastique for Labo.Art in Milkat, a material consisting of 25.0% PA and 75.0% PU, while the platform is made of wood.

The tree is joined to the membrane by a specially made connection in natural latex. The union between the aerial architecture and the tree ensures static stability. 25 kg sandbags, placed along the outer perimeter and under the platform, serve as ballast.