A project between graphics and historical memory, where the warp and weft of fabrics intertwine like the paths of people

OUTDOOR LOUNGES, COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - Sport and design dialogue, intersect, observe and talk to each other. A project between graphics and historical memory, where the warp and weft of the fabrics are entwined like people’s journeys

Powerful Intersections, designed by Marco Acerbis, is the meeting point between the worlds of sport and design, in “a cross-vision that confirms, now as always, that meetings and exchanges invariably give rise to inspirations and new and interesting ideas.”

The installation by Santini Cycling, a company specializing in technical clothing for cycling, is “poised between graphics and historical memory, where the colored lines, the heritage of the warp and weft of fabrics, meet and intersect like people’s paths, generating points of contact and exchange and so the pattern of the beauty to come,” the designer explains.

The concept is based on the relationship between the fabric of the backdrop and the design and graphics of the jerseys, as is the case with all of Santini’s technical sportswear.

“In this specific case, the graphics are also the guideline that materializes from the wall to the floor and then in the saddle-shaped seats that provide places for pausing and reflecting on the theme of the installation itself.”

Stretched over a hidden substructure, the backdrop of the pavilion (6x3x1.5 m), installed in the Outdoor Lounge, has silhouettes recalling the jerseys for which the Santini Cycling company is famous worldwide. Saddles mounted on metal tubes rise from the dais below and have the same color as the lines on the floor and on the fabric of the backdrop.