1200 3D printed ceramic blocks create an installation that puts a new production process at the forefront

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - 1200 3D printed ceramic blocks create an installation that tells the story of the transformation of the material and the latest achievements of technological innovation.

Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, Sparking Change is a semicircular backdrop made up of modular ceramic elements, which tells the story of the evolution of the sector, between tradition and industrial innovation. The concept draws inspiration from new developments in digital technologies and instruments and testifies to the process of renewal underpinning sustainability, so expressing the essence of Roca.

Starting from a curved geometry, through variations in height and changing color shades, the installation translates into scenic terms the various operating temperatures reached in the processes of firing ceramics. The work shows the positive impact for the environment of the first electric tunnel kiln for the production of ceramic sanitaryware, a great breakthrough in the sector.

The installation is made using 1200 3D printed ceramic blocks with a production process that respects the environment and enhances tradition, embodying the principles of circularity and decarbonization.

The installation created for Roca covers an area of 140 square meters and reaches a peak of 4.5 m in height.

The blocks that compose it are the result of a process with a low environmental impact that uses virgin clay and recycled ceramics from the production of sanitary ware. The design and dimensions (50x40x25 cm) of the individual blocks make for the construction of a self-supporting structure assembled mechanically, which can be dismantled and reused at the end of the event.