An installation that recounts the virtuous results of separate waste collection, between artisan tradition and industrial experimentation

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUBPORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The ethic of circularity is the basis of the installation recounting the benefits of separate waste collection, between traditional craft skills and industrial experimentation.

The project curated by Italo Rota, NABA Scientific Advisor, and Claudio Larcher, NABA Design Area Leader, with the involvement of the students of the Academy’s Design Area, introduces the use of recycled and at the same time innovative materials. In its structural restraint, the installation embodies the narrative about the universal principles of sustainability and the mixing of different kinds of knowledge.

Inspired by the American designer Ken IsaacsLiving Structures, the project reprises the concept of the matrix in architecture with the use of recycled materials and, by combining traditional craft skills with industrial experimentation, it makes visible and comprehensible the ethics of circular processes and the benefits of separate waste collection.

Common objects such as a table or chair become exemplary designs of the consequences of consumption, aesthetically reproducing the proportion of waste created on average in a home, while the 3D printed portraits from recycled yarn feature the silent workers who take care of our metropolises as protagonists.

The project by NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti with AMSA - Gruppo A2A presents a reflection on crucial current issues, such as circular processes, and consists of elements corresponding to the annual consumption of an average home, such as the double throne seat representative of plastic containers, the recycled aluminum table that embodies the number of tin cans and the banner of a PVC blanket made from the graduation banners of NABA students.

The architects Alessandro Pedretti and Giacomo Guarneri (Studio Italo Rota), Bencore and Gruppo Saviola contributed to the project thanks to the Pannello Ecologico®.