Technological research into the subject of hydrogen propulsion narrated through immersion in a virtual sea

18TH CENTURY COURTYARD, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The immersion in a virtual sea recounts the green future of pleasure boating. Alongside sea creatures, waves and swimmers, you can see the silhouettes of innovative hydrogen-powered boats.

“This year we’ve brought a slice of the sea to the University.” This is how Piero Lissoni introduces the SUB (Sustainable Underwater Balance) project, the installation designed for Sanlorenzo.

“It’s as if we had taken a slice of ocean with everything inside it – sea creatures, waves, swimmers – and put it in the 18th-century courtyard. In the midst of this virtual sea, you can view the silhouette of the new Bluegame boat with foil and hydrogen propulsion, the tender of the American Magic and Orient Express team.”

The installation consists of an open pavilion with a rectangular plan, bordered by a wall that marks its longitudinal development and a roof. Both of these architectural elements are wholly covered with LED walls, while the platform is made of reflective material.

As they move through the pavilion, visitors are enveloped by the projections of the LED walls that recreate the lights and sounds of the marine environment, creating an evocative immersive effect.

Located in the 18th-century courtyard and designed by Piero Lissoni, the installation created by Sanlorenzo consists of a large platform (approx. 24m x 5.5m) on which is placed a pavilion open on three sides. The flooring is a mirror edged with dark sheet metal. The structure of the pavilion consists of four metal pillars 140mm in diameter supporting the roof (approx. 12m x 7m).