A virtual journey through the redevelopment of the Porto San Vito area in Grado

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - A setting with a geometric and minimalist form projects visitors on a virtual journey into the future area of Porto San Vito in Grado.

Simone Micheli's installation introduces the path project in Porto San Vito at Grado, developed on an area of 37 hectares.

The pavilion, located in the Court of Honor, recalls its geometries and contents and guides visitors in the viewing of Simone Micheli’s grand architectural project, based on a concept by Andrea Bigot, CEO of Porto San Vito, in a virtual journey through the focal points and themes of redevelopment of the site. The new spaces will determine a “new paradigm of luxury: that of the value of time to spend in our beloved land.

It is a playful space devoted to comprehensive well-being, a new urban fragment characterized by innovation in content and vocabulary, a strongly iconic quality and the use of advanced technologies to promote efficiency, sustainability, and enhance the value of life,” explains the designer. The journey is made possible by augmented reality technologies.

The three-dimensional space (13.60 x 8.75 x h.5 m) is made from wood lined with EPS, with the internal and external finish treated with primer and paint.

It is completed by: stoneware flooring specially laid as large sheets of Visarm glass with interposed metal mesh, three high-performance video walls, lighting effects, perfume and sound works.

AREA 3D, STO contributed as main partners to the construction of the project, together with the following partners: AIP Porte, Allegrini, Aquaspecial, Ave, Axia Contract & Bath, Contract Service, Cordivari Design, CPRN Homood, DMP, Guru Italia, iGuzzini illuminazione, Jansen, LoveLight+39, Naval Interior, Piccardi Living, Profil Export, SAGEVAN®, Simas, Oliver B., e i technical partner: Deltronics, Giara Image, Petrozzi Design, Radici Sport.