A rigorous architecture, clad in panels in sustainable materials, encloses a soft sculpture in glass wool

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The hexagonal tower encloses a soft sculpture in glass wool. A contrasting juxtaposition of natural and recycled materials that speaks of experimentation and innovation.

The rigorous hexagonal structure designed by Marco Piva houses and encloses a glass wool sculpture with soft and undefined contours, symbolizing “a cloud of creative thoughts”.

The tactile filaments capture lights and shadows from the upper part of the tower, surrounded by LEDs of different colors. Of the six sides of the tower, two have textured cladding, two are transparent and, like suspended windows, reveal what lies inside the glass volume; two are LED walls with the story of Saint-Gobain’s products scrolling across them.

The materials are the soul of a construction project, defining its expression, technology and therefore feasibility.

“A mix of natural and recycled ingredients,” explains the designer, “which generates innovative materials capable of responding to the challenges of the future while meeting the needs of the present.”

The six multi-material panels covering the metal structure of the 5-metre-high hexagonal tower enclose a glass wool sculpture. A formal contrast between outer rigor and inner softness, to display the essence of sustainable materials, at the heart of Saint-Gobain's innovative design and vision.