The presentation of the first washbasin made entirely of recycled ceramic as a reference point for sustainable design

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUBPORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The transformation of the material at the center of an installation that recounts a breakthrough in the bathroom sector: the development of the first washbasin made completely out of recycled ceramic.

“In this installation,” a meeting point between artisanal and industrial processes, explains Tom Dixon, “we recount, deconstruct and explore the various phases of recycling, using the casting technique as an analogy to immerse ourselves in the muddy, chaotic and wonderful world of ceramics, where ‘primordial mud’ is transformed into a beautiful, durable and functional artifact.

A work that marks a milestone in the rich history of ceramic culture, preserving tradition and embracing the future.”

The installation designed by Tom Dixon for VitrA is an exploration of recycling and an opportunity to present the Liquid line of high-strength sanitary ware, created by an innovative ceramic process.

This line introduces the world’s first washbasin made from almost 100% recycled ceramic from waste materials recovered during the production of sanitary wares.

The installation, which extends for 15 meters along the portico of the Courtyard of Honor and is 1.5 m wide, shows the phases of transformation of the material that lead to the creation of the Liquid washbasin. Instead of raw materials, ceramic factory waste is used.

An eco-conscious choice for the production of modern sanitary ware, which reflects VitrA’s commitment to preserving natural re-sources and adopting the principles of circular design.