A bench that is the fusion of different kinds of knowledge and traditions welcomes people in all weathers and everyseason

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - A ‘two-faced’ bench that combines different forms of knowledge and traditions, encouraging socialization in public spaces. Regardless of the climate

The Sit Together bench is part of the project of a new range of street furniture that adapts to climate change, designed by the Berlin-based multidisciplinary studio Topotek 1 with the support of MDT-tex.

The prototype presented in the Courtyard of Honour is the result of the formal union between the classic European bench and the wind tower of ancient Persian tradition: a welcoming bench at any time of day and in any season, on which people can sit and socialize. On one side it is warmer and darker, on the other cooler and lighter, while the tower protects it from the sun.

When it’s hot, the nebulizers at the top of the tower cool the hot air and direct it downwards, so that a light breeze flows through the holes above the base. In winter, the dark surface of the bench has the function of absorbing and retaining the sun’s warmth. The project stems from a reflection on the new social needs and behaviours enforced by climate change.

The street furniture prototype is designed in collaboration with MDT-tex and created with the support of Mapei. It has a diameter of 5.80 m and a height of 5.50 m and is made of concrete. The Venetian terrazzo cladding (E. Raiss GmbH + Co. Baustoffhandel KG) shades in color gradient from the dark granite tone of the warm side of the bench to the light tone of travertine on the cold side. The hollow tower is made of aluminum.