An exhibition of works brings together the experience and creativity of two Japanese manufacturers with a thousand-year history

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The exhibition Da mille anni per il futuro presented in the Portico of the Courtyard of Honor, curated by the Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita with Bizen City and Odate City, is a reflection on the future of traditional Japanese manufacturing and the relevance of craft skills that have attained outstanding levels of perfection over the years.

Combining the skills and creativity of the craftsmanship originating from the two Japanese cities, the exhibition showcases works embodying a thousand years of history.

“In the products created by the craftworkers of the past,” explains the Japanese designer, “you can sense the fundamentals of many high-quality objects made with modern technology. (...) From the past to the future, we are required to reflect on how to pass on the skills and ideas behind crafts with a thousand-year history to the new generations.”

The display cases containing the products are positioned along a gallery of large-format images. In a creative crossroads between the two materials – wood and ceramics – and between craft skills a thousand years old and our imagination turned to the future.

Magewappa is the traditional Japanese technique of steam-bending wood from Odate, Akita Prefecture.

Bizen ceramics are produced by firing them at over 1200°C in kilns burning Japanese Akamatsu red pine wood. The final product enhances the natural tones of the clay, without the application of glazes or chemical fuels: an example representative of the Wabi Sabi culture. The exhibition is organized with the support of Bizen City and Odate City.