An open-air gallery that arises from the com-position of natural flower-shaped stones from Brazil

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - An open-air gallery in which natural Brazilian stones in the shape of flower corollas invite the visitors to connect with nature. A reminder of the concepts of biodiversity and biophilia in architecture.

The image of the flower, a symbol of lightness, renewal and evolution, is the leitmotif and the basic module of the Giardino di Pietra, a work by Vivian Coser promoted by Centrorochas (Brazilian Center of Natural Stone Exporters) and ApexBrasil and organized by It's Natural - Brazilian Natural Stone, installed in the Courtyard of Honor.

Committed for over 20 years to the creation of biophilic projects, the Brazilian designer chose this form because it embodies the concept of biophilia, used in architecture to create spaces “that bloom and change, just like the life cycle of a flower.”

In fact the presence of these elements indicates a “healthy connection between human beings and their environment, celebrating life in an inspiring and enduring way”. The choice of natural Brazilian stones, elegant, durable and unique, in this case represents the ability to create a work based on biodiversity and biophilia. The aim of the project is to establish a contact between people and nature as they visit the space.

The installation by the Brazilian designer and architect Vivian Coser, promoted by Centrorochas and ApexBrasil and organized by It’s Natural - Brazilian Natural Stone, is based on the composition of modular elements in Brazilian natural stone in the form of a flower.

With their qualities of durability and longevity, these materials available in a wide range of colors and textures contribute to sustainability in architecture and design.