A project by Audi. The Medelan - piazza Cordusio

In the spaces of The Medelan, the historic building on Piazza Cordusio that has now become a new, futuristic business center, Audi stages its vision of the future. Visual impressions, panels, talks, and exclusive Italian premieres.

In Audi House of Progress, the ninth consecutive initiative of Audi for Milano Design Week, the automaker stages its vision of the future connected to the concept of Living Progress, namely avant-garde technology that makes human beings its central focus, in an inseparable bond with improvement of the world around us.

This holistic approach is reflected in the strategy Vorsprung 2030, with which the company is transforming its model of production in the direction of mobility with zero CO2 emissions. The state of the art of this evolution is narrated by two exclusive Italian premieres.

Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept is the new car that combines electric drive with the A6 family, or the wagon type, offering innovative solutions in terms of recharge capacity and efficiency. The Audi Grandsphere concept interprets future mobility in the luxury segment and introduces technologies and styling that will then be applied to future models.

Key features include the variable layout of the interior, the extraordinary size of the passenger zone and the possibility of an unprecedented dimension of information and entertainment.