An FTA project - Filippo Taidelli project for Fujifilm Italy. West loggia - University of Milan

Reflections, lights, and sounds, skillfully assembled in the project by architect Filippo Taidelli, animate the upper floor of the West Porch and stage his vision of the healthcare environment, thanks to a research work that combines technological innovation and humanization.

Filippo Taidelli. Ph. Jasmina Martiradonna

The pandemic and its disruptive effects on the health system have increased the need to imagine a different hospital model, the hospital of the future, with a more empathetic approach to care and hospitality. From this reflection comes Breath, the concept created by Fujifilm Italy in cooperation with Filippo Taidelli, which is presented to the visitors of the Università degli Studi on the upper floor of the West Porch.

The installation refers to a concept as imperceptible as vital: transferring inside what is outside the human being, bringing life and the natural environment in the rooms of healthcare centers. Thus, awakening the sensory memory to activate and nurture the inner well-being of the patient. A multimedia tapestry by Skygolpe, one of the most famous Italian crypto artists, opens the dance between Man and Nature welcoming visitors.

Immediately after, a contemplative landscape opens up, widening the perspective of the loggia through a virtual secret garden, visible from the large French windows. The multimedia experience is also amplified by the ‘islands’ on which you can lie and enjoy the sound installation created by sound designer Nicola Ratti.

And finally, a promenade of grazing lights, by Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design, dialogues with the reflecting clouds on the ceiling.