A setting by Progetto CMR and Gruppo Focchi with Mitsubishi Electric. Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

A comfortable and inclusive space that supports the creative side and drives change in the direction of sustainability, multisensorial experiences and fluidity. In a continuous balance between the physical and digital worlds. The spaces where we live have turned into places where we want quality, comfort and inclusiveness.

Massimo Roj

Values that connect the past to the future through design 'on a human scale’: from environments with an individual function to true living places that promote people’s well-being and health, empowerment in workplaces, and where community and sociality are the new cornerstone.

To accommodate these new aspects of our lives, the responsive envelope has been created by Cellia® Life, by Progetto CMR and Gruppo Focchi with Mitsubishi Electric, R2M Solution, AGC Flat Glass Italia, Alpac, Frezza, HW Style, Linea Light Omnitex, 3M. An integrated, highly technological system, fully customizable in terms of finishes and performance levels, entirely made in the factory using advanced prefabrication methods.

This envelope system can be installed on existing buildings and on new structures, and significantly improves energy efficiency, achieving substantial benefits for management costs and environmental impact.