A project by Daniel Kainz and Hannes Boeker for AlphaTauri. Courtyard of Honor - University of Milan

Red and blue are at the heart of the installation which exploits the physical phenomenon of chromosaturation.For a visual and physical experience that involves the viewer and conveys a sensation of heat/cold, without having to use any support.

Daniel Kainz, Hannes Boeker Ph. Helge Kirchbergero.

In the Cortile d’Onore of the Università Statale the phenomenon of chromosaturation is on stage, with an installation designed by Hannes Böker and Daniel Kainz for AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s premium fashion brand.

On the outside, the construction stands out for its essential design, recalling the style of the brand’s latest collection, enlivened by plays of light that attract visitors and invite them to enter. Inside, two monochromatic rooms, one red and one blue, envelop the viewer stimulating the sensation of cold and heat, without any help from physical objects or anything else.

Indeed, chromosaturation creates alterations in the retina, accustomed to receiving a wide range of colors simultaneously, and acts as a trigger, activating in visitors the concept of color as a material or physical condition: a direct reference to the Heatable Capsule Collection (HCC) that offers a unisex Commuter Jacket and a trench coat for men and women, equipped with heatable zones that can be activated at will, also using an App.