INTERNI Design Re-Generation is a collective exploration of the theme of re-generation: this is how it was approached by designers and companies

It often happens, when faced with an exhibition very rich in contents and visual and sensorial stimuli, to lose sight of everything: that is to have fun in the experimentation of the individual design offers, enjoying the visions that they provide while forgetting the common thread and the thought that originated them.

Those who visit Interni Design Re-Generation, with its over 45 installations, run this risk. For this reason, for the visitors' use, we have compiled a vademecum that will help then connect all the installations to the concept that gave rise to the collective research, conceived by INTERNI.

What does Design Re-Generation mean

The word Re-Generation has many meanings.

It is an act of transformation : social, moral, psychological.
It is a physical or physiological renewal , that is, the reproduction of elements affected by a traumatic event in a biological subject, from animals to humans to any form of plant life.
Re-Generation is new life or lifeblood that activates a transformation, it is the essence of the circular economy , it is a possible medicine for our sick planet.

So what is Design Re-Generation? How can design, with its research approach between technology and human factors, lead to that re-birth and transformation that the planet (and we with it) so badly needs?

This is the question that INTERNI posed to designers and companies in the development of INTERNI Design Re-Generation. Here are their answers, told through some of the installations.

Design Re-Generation in co-producer installations

In the House of Progress by Audi, at The Medelan in Piazza Cordusio, the re-generation will be told through a physical representation of the key concepts of the brand in terms of mobility : that is, no longer cars for the single user but cars to share and live as places of social experience in mobility.

At the Orto Botanico di Brera, Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota interpreted the theme of Re-Generation to talk about renewable energy through an interactive playground created for Plenitude, Feeling the Energy. A place where young and old can, while having fun, acquire a practical knowledge of the environment, materials and how to produce clean energy.

In the central courtyard of the University of Milan, Michele De Lucchi created for Whirlpool Sidereal Station, a large tower projected towards infinity, a metaphor for a reflection on life that is also a journey: entering its spaces, in fact, you will live a multi-sensory experience that will lead to a new dimension of living.

Re-Generation as a research path

Get lost to find yourself. The ancient mantra that gave birth to thousands of architectural and urban planning solutions is back: walking, covering a space in length or height and arriving at a new perspective: on ourselves and on the world.

It is no coincidence that three installations propose the labyrinth as a metaphor for re-generation

Re-Generation as an experience

Experience the meaning of transformation firsthand: through immersive experiences, proposing perceptions of technological landscapes, seeking a balance between situations in apparent contradiction.

For some designers, Re-Generation becomes a sensory discovery, a moment of personal research which, starting from physical sensations, leads to a new consciousness.


Re-Generation as a passage from matter to form

It will undoubtedly be the materials, increasingly performing and designed, that will transform our living in a sustainable key. It is a step that sees technology at the forefront: to make the most of what we have, minimize waste, reuse where possible and preferable. And in the end what we will be able to enjoy will be a home that is always welcoming but truly green

Re-Generation through the purity of water

Source of life and finite resource, water is used by some designers and companies as a metaphor for the union between different elements: because it is clear that sustainable transformation will never be built in an ivory tower but through a liquid thought, capable of to welcome the different.

The Re-Generation between past and present

It is undeniable that to find sustainable solutions today we often have to resort to the rediscovery of techniques, technologies and methods of design and construction that have their roots in our history. Because it is not true that everything has already been said but much has certainly been done: revisiting and interpreting it in the light of today's needs is one of the fundamental tasks of those who design.

Re-Generation as an expression of matter

The regeneration of the spirit through the transformation of matter: in the hands of those who work them with wisdom and attention, handing down a centuries-old know-how, and in the mind of those who design spectacular experiences to live on their skin

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