A project by Mac Stopa and Massive Design con Forbo Flooring Systems. Press Office - Università degli Studi di Milano

The Pressroom hosts a creative world that features decors inspired by nature and made with the most advanced processing technologies: from white coffee flowers to heads of green salad, and an anemone laid on the ocean bed.

Mac Stopa

Regeneration enables nature to repair, be reborn and survive the most difficult moments. The concept of regeneration can refer to various settings: the world of animate or inanimate objects, of agriculture, the environment, and even the daily regeneration of the mind and spirit.

In the Design Re-Generation layout, designed by Mac Stopa for the Pressroom, design elements have been used to communicate and share the theme of regeneration. The architect maintains, for example, that in order to enable a rebirth of the natural environment, the most important thing to do is limit its exploitation: for this reason, he has used floors and wallpapers which, thanks to the most advanced technologies, mimic the beauty of nature without affecting it.

Flotex flocked flooring by Forbo Flooring Systems offers dynamic digital graphics on a resistant, hygienic and at the same time comfortable support like a carpet.

The walls are lined with Muraspec which draws inspiration from the natural growing process of coffee. The furniture of the reception area consists of Cappellini shelves and seats and OmniDecor tables, like the round table in the second room, made to measure by Stopa, accompanied by the Little Moon seats by Tonon.

Finally, one more element in the Pressroom that dialogues with nature is the Living Farming Tree mini self-regenerating ecosystem by Hexagro Urban Farming.