A project by Francesco Lucchese with Hitachi Cooling & Heating. Portale Sud Scalone d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

Thanks to the 4-way cassette design panel Silent-Iconic by Hitachi Cooling & Heating, Francesco Lucchese turns the staircase of the South Portal into an experiential tunnel, where everything is experienced with greater intensity.

Francesco Lucchese. Ph. Maurizio Marcato

Freedom, freshness, purity: the sensations related to the air and its movements express concepts related to life. And airconditioning and air exchange, like its control, are important for human well-being. Endless Ceiling by Francesco Lucchese with the Japanese brand Hitachi Cooling and Heating celebrates the continuous regeneration: of images, air, paths.

The staircase becomes an experiential tunnel in which everything is experienced with greater intensity.

The contrasts light/dark, hot/cold, inside/outside reveal how shape, temperature and color are destined to change: the concept of re-generation is symbolically transposed, through materials and textures, into an immersive path that drops the visitor into a evocative dimension.

Mirrors, tubular lights, neutral colors lead to the search for a visual vanishing point in the vault of the passage. The Silent-Iconic panel for the 4-way house by Hitachi is the focal point from which the flow of air comes out and to which the gaze follows the vertical lines along the staircase, reflected in the mirrored ceiling.

The minimal aspect of the installation tells of the formal simplicity and use of the product: a perfect synthesis between technology and design able to integrate perfectly with the essential style of contemporary architecture.