A project by Andrea Boschetti - Metrogramma for Mirage. Sottoportico Cortile d’Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

The Mirage capsule collection of tables by Andrea Boschetti, Metrogramma firm, reveals an overturning of the role of stoneware, from decorative to structural element. A project conceived while fully respecting sustainability.

Andrea Boschetti

A capsule collection of tables, a preview of a larger collection under development, is on display at the Università degli Studi of Milan to be admired and touched. The project by Andrea Boschetti, in partnership with Ana Lazovic, is a twofold challenge in terms of research and innovation: on the one side ceramic is completely reinterpreted and also acquires a structural role, not just decorative, while on the other side there is thorough attention to the themes of sustainability.

We are, therefore, faced with tables for which Mirage stoneware has not been used for the most visible and obvious part, i.e. the top, but to design the supporting legs, leaving to a transparent glass top the task of showing the structure of the various supports.

All the materials used can be recycled or disposed of and all the elements are interlocked, without using glues or potentially harmful chemical substances, for an increasingly sustainable and versatile vision of living.