A project by Piero Lissoni and Sanlorenzo. Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano.

The installation by Piero Lissoni makes visible what often remains hidden behind the finished work: the building site where everything took shape: research, technology and new environmental challenges

Piero Lissoni. Ph. Veronica Gaido

"It is like having brought a part of the shipyard where vessels are built to the Cortile d’Onore. Yachts don’t just suddenly appear, behind them there is the work of many people, in addition to the research, knowledge and technology of a complex advanced industrial company, which is also focused on reducing its environmental impact to face the new challenges of sustainability. Therefore ‘conscious design for a new future’, one of the themes that the INTERNI Design Re-Generation exhibition intends to explore".

This is how Piero Lissoni describes the concept of Fabbrica, the installation conceived for Sanlorenzo which consists of a large scaffolding made with Innocenti tubes which, through a path of ramps in textured galvanized sheet, leads to a platform in nautical wood which recalls the shape and materials of a ship deck.

The idea of recreating the experience of getting on board of a yacht with its fascinating view from above leads, in this case, to the opportunity to grasp new viewpoints of the Università degli Studi. At night, the installation lit by LED lights vertically laid on the tubular structure, amplifies its spectacular impact.