A project by Deutsche Telekom Design & Customer Experience in partnership with Layer. Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

An immersive installation that reflects on the theme of connectivity. Inside, electronic devices transform themselves by wearing unprecedented materials and two new technologies accompany the social, productive and economic evolution.

Benjamin Hubert

Monica Dalla Riva, Deutsche Telekom

The advent of new technologies has given designers the opportunity to create new scenarios and new products oriented to specific values, such as those of ethics and sustainability. This concept has resulted in the Fractal installation by Deutsche Telekom Design, in partnership with the Layer strategic design agency led by Benjamin Hubert, that focuses on the interaction of users with objects and technology.

In Fractal, the user accesses a mirror room, an immersive experience where the reflected image multiplies endlessly, hinting at the mutual influence between people and the digital spaces that we inhabit. From here, people enter an area dedicated to projects where Connectivity Concepts are located, made with London based firm Layer: electronic objects reinterpreted with unusual materials.

Also the Augmented Reality Packaging project is presented, which reinterprets the way of designing the package of a technological product, and the new MagentaZuHause application: a concrete help in everyday life.